Miniature Paint Brushes – 12pc Set


When painting fine art and miniature figures the quality of brushes used can have a dramatic effect on results, and with so many different types available it's easy to feel overwhelmed with choice.

ZenART Supplies’ professional detailing brushes are tried and tested by international model makers and figurine painters, and have been thoughtfully selected so you can be sure to have the right brushes and not waste money buying the wrong materials.

Professional artist and co-founder of ZenART Supplies (ZenARTs), ArdakKassenova, designed a set of detailing brushes for new and experienced artists alike, with a mix of shapes and sizes specifically for exacting art. Using only premium materials, these distinctive Japanese synthetic fibers mimic the best sable and kolinsky hair without the expense, and open doors to new levels of expertise for detailing artists.

Carefully handcrafted to deliver high performance, consistency, and flow control the ZenART miniature range of brushes are individually wrapped & capped to ensure that they arrive in pristine condition. They are designed for exceptional results when using model painting techniques such as layering, dry-brushing, glazing, edging and texturing.

Expertly Hand-Crafted
Professional Brushes that Take the Pain out of Painting

Whether you’re painting Warhammer figures, color-by-numbers art, children’s faces or fine portraits it can be difficult to produce detailed work like the professionals, however, the ZenART miniature paint brushes set is carefully designed to help transform your art and elevate it to new levels! Each brush has been carefully created to help fine detail artists to paint exquisite masterpieces without pain or discomfort.

Here’s how:

  • Birch Wood Sculpted Handles feel luxurious, well-balanced, & exude control
  • Precise Strokes, they keep their shape with regular use, and are easy to clean
  • Designed by Artists for Artists specifically for those working in miniature, modeling, & exacting projects
  • Blend of Different Diameter Synthetic Fibers enhances color absorbency, and creates crisp, smooth detailing

ZenART, a London-based Family Business

  • Performance without Compromise

    ZenART Supplies know that its vegan customers are interested in quality synthetic alternatives to animal hair without compromising in performance. Co-founder of Zen Art Supplies, Ardak Kassenova has determinedly tested sophisticated mixtures and compositions of synthetic fibers, and found the best one that replicates synthetically the qualities of squirrel hair and kolinsky sable.

    ⚈ Great colour and water-holding capacity
    ⚈ Needle-fine tip, high elasticity and a precise straight edge
    ⚈ Made by hand, piece per piece by our skilled brush makers

  • Performance with Presence

    Using poor equipment can leave your art looking subdued. The vision of ZenART Supplies is for professional and aspiring artists alike to create work that soars with accomplishment.

    The ZenARTs master detailing brushes are created specifically to elevate the work of miniature & model artists using water & oil-based paints such as gouache, ink, watercolor, and acrylics. They help bring models and fine portraits to life, and are used by professional artists such as Jill Gustavis (@jillgustavisart) and Tina Britney (@bozinatinyart).

  • What You Get in the Set

    12 elegant synthetic detailing brushes that have been handcrafted by skilled brush makers, to mimic the best qualities of squirrel hair and kolinsky sable. Each brush is tested individually by our master brush maker.

    Each set includes:

    ⚈ Rounds 5/0, 2/0, 1, 2, Rigger 4/0, 2/0, 1, Flats 2/0, 1, Angled 1, Filbert 2/0, 0

Consistent Control

Designed to Keep Your Hand Steady
⚈ Precise Bristle Length
⚈ Won’t Shed or Feather
⚈ Impeccable Flow Control
⚈ Ergonomic Handles for Tireless Use
⚈ Seamless Ferrules are Rust-Resistant and Long-Lasting

Make the Switch

Many professional artists like as Anna Koliadych (@dearannart) and teachers have reviewed and recommended the Black Tulip brushes. They made the switch from big name brands to these brushes, and enjoy the same quality experience without the big business cost.

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You will also receive a Brush Care Guide (via Amazon email, if opted in), and an eBook of painting knowledge to help you reach new thresholds!

Customer Testimonial

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    A really good set of brushes. They hold lots of water/pigment and have plenty of spring. They all form lovely points and give lovely soft strokes. They're nice to hold, light but balanced well. - DjB Watercolor Brushes

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    Very happy with ZenART brushes,top quality ,after using first time they are my favourite in my studio. - Korito Brushes

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    Beautiful sketchbook - perfect for drawing in. Feels weighty, cover fully protects the pages, and the paper is lovely and thick. Great price. Bought one as present and kept one for myself. - Churros Sketchbooks

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