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Complete Watercolor Brush Set | 14 pcs | Squirrel & Synthetic Blend | Satin Travel Pouch
Complete Watercolor Brush Set | 14 pcs | Squirrel & Synthetic Blend | Satin Travel Pouch
Complete Watercolor Brush Set | 14 pcs | Squirrel & Synthetic Blend | Satin Travel Pouch
Complete Watercolor Brush Set | 14 pcs | Squirrel & Synthetic Blend | Satin Travel Pouch
Complete Watercolor Brush Set | 14 pcs | Squirrel & Synthetic Blend | Satin Travel Pouch
Complete Watercolor Brush Set | 14 pcs | Squirrel & Synthetic Blend | Satin Travel Pouch
Complete Watercolor Brush Set | 14 pcs | Squirrel & Synthetic Blend | Satin Travel Pouch
Complete Watercolor Brush Set | 14 pcs | Squirrel & Synthetic Blend | Satin Travel Pouch
Complete Watercolor Brush Set | 14 pcs | Squirrel & Synthetic Blend | Satin Travel Pouch

Complete Watercolor Brush Set | 14 pcs | Squirrel & Synthetic Blend | Satin Travel Pouch

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Turner Collection Complete Watercolor Brush Set | 14 pcs | Squirrel & Synthetic Blend | Satin Travel Pouch

The Turner Collection, inspired by the British romantic landscape artist J.M.W. Turner (1775-1851), who widely used watercolor paints ahead of his time, is the most comprehensive, handcrafted professional brush set on the market specially designed for watercolors, gouache, inks & silk painting.

  • Designed especially for your watercolor, gouache, inks & batik artworks
  • Exceptional water and pigment absorption perform like sable brushes.
  • Extra snap and smooth flow control for that even, steady pigment release onto paper.

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Exquisite fine art tools for a luxurious painting experience at a fraction of the cost


14-pc Set Specific to Water-Based Art

Designed by artists for artists with all you need for this medium; 1” Cats Tongue, Round Size 2, 3, 5, 7, & 11, Rigger 3, Detail Round 000, Filbert 6, Flat 8, Angle 5, Fan 3, Flat 4, and a palette knife


Impressive Watercolor Performance

8 x squirrel-mix hair watercolor brushes which provide exceptional water & pigment absorption with the springiness of added synthetic fibers (30%) to perform like sable, plus 5 x fully synthetic brushes to give extra snap and smooth flow control


Holds Shape even with Heavy Use

ZenART watercolor paint brushes blend in elastic fibers to maintain their shape, and offer artists precision detailing work with consistent flow control even after continued use; they are resilient to washing, and have double-crimped seamless ferrules to prevent shedding


Short Handles for Full Expression

Specially shaped, weighted and balanced for precise horizontal painting, ideal for watercolor, gouache, inks & batik; these exquisite birch wood handles also covered with 7 layers of UV coating to prevent flaking, and provide slip & wear resistance


Handcrafted by Master Brush Makers

Each ZenART paintbrush is meticulously handcrafted by master brush makers using complex methods that require high precision and years of experience

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Designed by Artists for Artists

Each ZenART fine art tool is designed and developed in close collaboration with professional artists and creatives, combined with Ardak Kassenova's personal experience.

Trusted by Professionals: Brand Ambassador Sara Berrenson

The Black Tulip set is endorsed by Sara Berrenson (@saraberrenson), who primarily works in gouache and watercolor creating fresh florals mixed with novelty prints and geometrics. Our Black Tulip brushes enhance Sara's uplifting, expressive art to bring light and blossom to your home, fashion and life. Sara is an accomplished illustrator working with major retail brands, and author of the bestselling Watercolor the Easy Way book.

High Performance Watercolor Brushes That Take The Pain Out Of Painting

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Stories from real people, real artists. Read what they have to say about our fine art tools, designed by artists, for artists.

John W.

“This is one fantastic set of brushes, the quality is exceptional like the service. Do not hesitate to purchase, I spent a long time checking other products and am delighted I opted for this set. We have a selection of brushes carefully chosen and suitable for all aspects of watercolour artwork. I am one happy customer, thank you.”


“Everything about these brushes is awesome. I like the mix of both synthetic and natural bristles. This set also allowed me to try out some new brush shapes I hadn't before. I have been painting with acrylic and watercolours for years and loved how smooth and supple these brushes are. They feel so nice to hold and glide beautifully across paper and canvas, creating smooth lines and washes of colour. ”


“This is an impressive set of differently sized brushes in a lovely water-resistant case. They come very well presented and some of the longer haired brushes came with transparent plastic tubes to protect them. There was no hair loss whilst I was painting and the fine hairs of each brush maintained their shape during the brushstrokes. The brushes were comfortable to use and the length of the handles was about right. ”

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee:

We know you'll love our fine art tools as much as we do and we aim to provide the best ones for your artistic practice. If that's not us, then don't fret. We proudly offer a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Turner brushes made?

There's a complex manual process behind making each brush, and all the methods require high precision and years of experience. Let us try to give you a general overview of how these beautiful brushes are made:

  • A ZenART Turner brush is handcrafted with a brush handle made of genuine and exquisite lacquered birch wood and seven layers of UV coating. The bristles are manually formed using different techniques for specific shapes, tightly tied, combed, gripped by a non-rust nickel ferrule, glued with a precise injection of special glue. After drying, the ferrule holding the bristles is double-crimped to the handles to fasten securely. The brushes are then inspected again to remove any ‘floating shorts' —bristles which may sometimes remain, especially in larger sized brushes or round shapes, and cause initial ‘shedding' during breaking in period. After a thorough inspection, the brushes are then protected and sized before getting packed.
How durable are these brushes?

These brushes are ‘trained' to maintain their shape even after heavy use and provide consistent control whatever art project you're working on. Using elegant seven-times-lacquered birch wood short handles allows for a luxurious feeling of unrivalled balance, particularly during intricate and exacting strokes. The use of high quality Japanese synthetic bristles on these brushes also made them very sturdy. And of course, they'll last even longer if you take good care of them.

How much water can these brushes hold?

These brushes are resistant to heavy use and can hold a significant amount of water to allow you to get the perfect results for your paintings. The natural and synthetic bristles mix offer the best of both worlds: unraveled water absorption yet great springiness. Therefore, many professional artists were pleasantly surprised and compared our Turner collection brushes with the squirrel and kolinsky sable performance combined in a much more affordable yet surprisingly effective set.

Are these brushes suitable for beginners?

Yes! These brushes are high quality, and many professional artists praise them for their fantastic performance, thoughtful variety of shapes and sizes specifically designed for water-based media. When it comes to art materials and tools, a famous saying among the artists and the art tutors is that ‘One should buy the best quality one can afford.' It's so true, especially for beginner artists, who are still building up their confidence and knowledge of techniques. The best art tools will help accelerate progress and keep you motivated to paint and experiment with new techniques.

Considering the value for money we offer for such an extensive artist-quality set, including the guides, tutorials and advice, you'll make a significant long-term gift for yourself or other artists, whether beginners to advanced and professionals.

How do you protect the brushes?

In order to bring you the best quality brushes intact we apply special protective solution to keep the tips of the brushes in the original shape.

We also wrap the brushes in transparent films, and it's done to protect and waterproof the brushes for transit. We want to make sure that you receive your brush set in its best state, wherever you are in the world.

It also serves as a seal of guarantee to our customers and our return department that the brushes have never been used before. In some cases, we experience customers returning used brushes and these are not re-sold. Having these plastic films ensures that you received a brand-new set.

How do I clean and care for these brushes?

Our Turner collection brushes are easy to clean and maintain:

  • For new brushes: First, always remove the transit solution by washing the brushes with mild soap and lukewarm water. Slightly massage between the bristles on the palm of your hand, letting any floating bristles to be washed away, if any, especially in large sized-brushes.
  • For regular cleaning or every after painting: Clean the brushes well with soap every after use—before the paint dries— to avoid damage from paint build-up at the base of the ferrule. Do not push the brushes too hard into your palms.
  • We recommend using vegetable oil-based soap, gentle to the bristles and your skin.
  • After rinsing thoroughly, use a microfiber or other absorbent towel to remove excess water.
  • Gently reshape the bristles with your fingers, and let it dry naturally on a horizontal or flat surface.

Brush Care Tips:

  • Never leave the brushes soaked in water, as this will ruin your brushes and cause damage to the bristles, glue and handle.
  • From time to time, and for optimum results, you can apply a special lanolin-based brush conditioner (optional), for TLC and extra longevity of your brushes.
  • Follow our recommended cleaning guide above to reduce possible initial ‘break-in shedding', which might be just short bristles not glued inside the ferrule that are trapped between the longer bristles.
  • After washing and drying, always gently reshape the bristles with your fingers, and let it dry naturally on a horizontal or flat surface.
  • Shedding: It is natural for brushes to shed lightly. Minimal shedding is common especially while you break them in. To reduce problems of shedding, ZenART has crafted these watercolour brushes with faux squirrel synthetic fibers. The brushes lose fewer bristles and normally don't shed at all. In rare occasions, it might happen, and such cases are significantly less compared to other ones on the market. Reasons can be any of the following:
    • Using brushes before removing the transit solution
    • Harsh “breaking-in” of new brushes. We suggest trying the above method of cleaning, drying horizontally, and gently removing any floating bristles while dry, before giving up on your brushes.
    • Misuse and ruining of the brushes due to harsh chemicals, abrasive surfaces, soaking brushes in water or other solution, vertically letting them stand and loosening the glue.
    • In extreme cases, manufacturing defects, when not enough glue was applied and the brush (losing bristles long enough to be potentially glued in the ferrule, not floating shorts). In such situations, we are here to support you, too, and offer our help to resolve any issues.
Are these brushes short or long-handled?

The Turner collection brushes are short-handled for full expression with water-based paints: watercolour, gouache, inks & fluid acrylic. They have been specifically designed, weighted and balanced for precise horizontal painting and avoiding any hand fatigue or poking in your eye. The exquisite birch wood brush set also has seven layers of UV coating to prevent flaking, and provide slip & wear resistance.

What if I am not happy with these brushes?

We only want you to find the best fine art tools that you will enjoy using. If that's not us, don't fret. We offer a 1-year guarantee and 100% money-back for 60 days. Just drop us a few lines about your issue, send them to our email address: or scan the QR Code to get a quicker response:

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